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      Building sustainable manufacturing operations - CBD/THC processing considerations

      Nov 26, 2019 11:49:34 AM / by Sunil Rana posted in Cannabis, Chromatography Fundamentals, Reversed-phase, Solvents, cannabis key article


      It (almost) doesn’t matter what the intended therapeutic outcome is, for virtually everyone who is working in the business of cannabis processing, CBD / THC remediation proceeds through well recognised processing steps.  The introduction of newer legislation has come the (justified) need to ensure the industry runs in a smooth and orderly manner in order to keep outputting products of defined quality.  It doesn't matter where on the globe you are, processes are becoming enshrined in and outputs more and more needing to comply with strict standards from quality and legislative directives.  % Limits of THC content for example is one of the biggest considerations in many countries right now and already set in many legislative goals.

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